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WYZE Payroll

Have more confident control of your payroll processes to ensure your workforce is paid accurately and on time. The WYZE Payroll solution which can be deployed on premise or provided as a hosted solution, does this by supporting localized payroll in Nigeria, and at the same time providing the insight, and flexibility you need to manage payroll.

The WYZE Payroll Solution can be integrated with other third party applications, offering an end-to-end solution to help ensure that employees are accurately paid for their time recorded, and based on their contracted terms in the core HR System. This eliminates double data entry and ensures accuracy.

Features and Functions

• Basic Master Administration
• Employee self-service
• Manager self-service
• Expense management

• Loan Payment
• Loan Repayment (Using Payroll deduction

• Salary Proration
• Salary Deduction (Based on absence days)
• Overtime Management
• Payroll Run
• Payroll Reversal
• Payroll Approval (To Assigned Authorizer)
• Payroll Run using Profile
• Payroll Posting to ERP
• Automatic Email of Payslip

• Employee Sheet
• Payroll Summary
• Bulk Payslip
• Bank Payment
• Pension
• Tax
• Payroll Variance
• Payslip by Employee

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