SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Gold Partner

The SAP Analytics Cloud solution combines BI, augmented and predictive analytics, and planning capabilities into one cloud environment. As the analytics layer of SAP’s Business Technology Platform, it supports advanced analytics enterprise-wide.

Business Intelligence

Explore data across the organisation and deliver insights at the point of decision with intuitive self-service analytics.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Data exploration and visualisation

Inspire audiences with interactive visualisations and stories by filtering and drilling into data, regardless of volume size.

Efficient modelling and preparation

Automate data cleansing to alert errors and categorize measures and dimensions to enhance your data and gain deeper insights.

Augmented Analytics

With SAP Analytics Cloud, augmented analytics capabilities – powered by AI, machine learning, and natural language processing – are built into your BI and planning workflows.

Support for the last mile of decision-making

Equip everyone, even untrained nontechnical businesspeople, with machine-generated analytics and insights, without requiring them to look for it.

Conversational analytics

Ask questions in a conversational way – and get instant answers, data visualisations, and explanations – with natural language processing and generation.

Automated machine learning

Use machine learning algorithms to automatically reveal relationships, hidden patterns, and outliers in your data – and go from insight to action faster.

Intelligent predictive analytics

Predict potential outcomes and generate forecasts at the push of a button – without requiring data science skills – to free up data scientists for higher-value activities.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Enterprise Planning

Link and create financial and operational plans seamlessly in one solution to drive better decisions with integrated plans.

Predictive planning

Understand your business today and tomorrow with predictive forecasting and machine learning tools.

Integrated financial planning

Act in the moment and spend more time on strategy by combining transactions, analytics, and planning with SAP S/4HANA.


Plan across all lines of business to turn real-time insight into action, ensure strategic alignment, and decide confidently.

Company-wide advanced analytics

Create and modify versions of a planning model for data-driven budgeting, forecasting, and analysis from one cloud interface.

Design of Analytics Applications

Create centrally governable analytic content – from guided analytics to sophisticated planning and smart applications.

Custom interactions

Unite business intelligence, planning, and predictive capabilities by developing state-of-the-art analytics applications.

Rapid prototyping

Customise, integrate, and extend existing content, templates, or user stories with existing data models and widgets.

Standardised analytics content

Foster a consistent and continuous user experience with reusable user interface elements and adjustable widget behaviours.

Custom widgets

Enable custom, reusable functionalities with tailored widgets, centrally managed composites, and data-science capabilities.

Centralised Analytics Catalog

Unify access to all your analytics content on your SAP Analytics Cloud home page.

Simple access

Browse through visual cues to access analytics scattered across multiple systems without needing to remember different links, logins, and security processes.

Hybrid analytics

Access all your analytics content, including SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite, and third-party solutions, in the cloud or on premise.

Trusted insights

Discover analytics you can trust based on consistent business metadata information and clear descriptions.

Agile governance

Govern analytics consumption with technical metadata information that prevents proliferation and duplication.

Prebuilt Business Content

Accelerate your time to value with prebuilt industry and line of business content packages that can help provide a quick and easy starting point for your individual analytics scenarios.

Technology highlights

Use planning, smart assist, value-driver trees, and mobile design features to simplify and accelerate your deployment.

Simplified starting point for individual analytics scenarios

Leverage end-to-end industry dashboards and reusable line of business packages, tailored to work with recommended SAP data sources.

Rapid setup and results

Realise results quickly by accessing detailed documentation of KPIs, models, and data flows and using sample data or a live connection included in SAP Analytics Cloud.